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Stucker Fork is built on the principles of making quality WATER and providing reliable service, our High Capacity Plants produce certified water for Home and Business while making continued improvements in distribution and source. Our unique service provides much needed quality water to rural areas, which has a substantial impact on the living environment of our customers, With our Water Treatment Plants - Locations: Austin Water Treatment Plant, Type Surface Water, Marble Hill Treatment Plant, Type Ground Water.

Safe Drinking Water Hotline 1-800-426-4791    or  Stucker Fork Water Utility (812) 794-0650

Stucker Fork Water Utilities          Board of Directors

John Bard – Chairman                   Scott Howser – Vice Chairman

Cort McGlothlin – Secretary    Doug Andrews - Board Member

Lynn Elliott – Board Member 

STAFF Members

Randy Needler – Superintendent   

 Brad Peacock – Utility Manager        Lisa Wheeler – Financial Clerk

 Tonja Pasley – Office Manager  

Water Filters
Running Faucet
Refillable Water Bottle
Cold Water Bottles
Cycling Hydration
Plain Water
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